The ferrets - angry young ferrets

King cobras are able to hunt throughout the day, but are rarely seen at night, leading most herpetologists to classify them as a diurnal species. [2] [15]

Oh yeah, it turns out these little Hannibal Lecters can smell when a woman is on her menstrual cycle , which is creepy enough by itself, but it gets worse: There have been multiple reports of male iguanas turning aggressive on their owners when Aunt Flo is visiting. Why? We don't exactly know. Maybe women produce a pheromone that makes the iguana crazy, or maybe it's just an attempted mercy killing, as they figure nobody could possibly survive such blood loss. Incidentally, if they attack you, you'll be losing a lot more blood, because seriously, don't Google "iguana bite."

Nostalgia Critic : If you're even remotely interested in seeing a film with a title as stupid as this, you're pretty much gonna get what you expect. It's lame, it's crazy, it's completely over-the-top. What else can you say? It's called Sharknado .

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The role of a forester in medieval society was respectable and well paid. Geoffrey Chaucer held the position in the royal forest of North Petherton in Somerset, and records from 1394 show that he was granted an annual pension of £20 by Richard II – a sum that reflected the importance of the role to hunting-mad noblemen.

However, it becomes a problem when someone decides to wash a car in their driveway - on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... You get the picture! Local Swiss laws prohibit the use of a power washer altogether, and there is concern that the detergent would pollute the ground water and thus the environment.

The Ferrets - Angry Young FerretsThe Ferrets - Angry Young FerretsThe Ferrets - Angry Young FerretsThe Ferrets - Angry Young Ferrets