T.a.t.u. - 200 km/h in the wrong lane: 10th anniversary edition

Tensions rose between the two women in 2010 when Katina embarked on a solo career but continued to perform .'s hits at concerts. Volkova responded by saying , "[Lena] has the right to [sing . songs], but it's so stupid, absolutely stupid. If you do a solo career, it means that you do your own work. Her stuff that she makes, I think, is silly, and very soon her career will wither away and disappear." A year later, Katina gave a radio interview in which she said the two are "not planning to reform ., certainly not in the near future."

" How Soon Is Now? " was the band's last single released from this album and was also the fifth track on the album. It is a cover version of The Smiths single of the same name . The song "is transformed by scorched synths, furious power-chords and Lena or Julia’s defiant roar “You Shut Your Mouth”, into an angry punka blast." [10] "Clowns (Can You See Me Now?)" was the sixth track on the album. The song was written by Trevor Horn, Ivan Shapolavov and Valeriy Polienko. People had noticed that unusual style in the lyrics [9] It was also scheduled to be the last single, but this plan was scrapped. However, for a promotional release, 200km/h in the Wrong Lane was re-issued in their native Russia under the name . – Clowns . [11] It has a synthpop and electronica style. "Malchik Gay" ( translated to: Gay Boy) was the band's seventh track on the album. Allmusic had named it as an album highlight because the lyrics, which were written by their producers, had received a lot of attention. The theme of the song specializes with homosexuality . The song is an acoustic song, and has said the song shows "some genuine emotion in here that is well portrayed in the singing." [9] "Stars" was the eighth, and final original track on the album. The song "tries for smooth world-pop with an extended Russian rap, but doesn’t linger in anyone’s memory after it’s over." [8]

The English version of the album was released in December 2002 entitled 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane . The album peaked inside the top twenty in the majority of European and Western countries, and to date has sold over 5 million copies worldwide. [9] The first single from the album was " All the Things She Said " released in October 2002. The song peaked at the top spot in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The music video caused controversy worldwide, due to the members kissing behind a fence, where some believed the video promoted lesbianism and pedophilia . Many musical journalists, publications and music critics had branded the group's music as "paedophilic pop." [10] The group announced their "Show Me Love Tour", which was to commence in the United Kingdom. However, both of their proposed concerts in the UK were cancelled due to poor ticket sales. [11] It was revealed that the reason why ticket sales were so poor was due to the parental advisory from adults, who did not believe that the girls' sexual image was appropriate. [12] Then, in July 2002, Blender praised the group by saying "We have seen the future of rock & roll ... to say you've never seen or heard anything quite like it is a colossal understatement." [13] . were then heralded by The Face magazine as "The hottest popstars in the world right now." [14] On 25 February 2003 the women mocked NBC 's insistence that they neither kiss nor comment on the Iraq war by performing "All the Things She Said" in white "T-shirts that bore the Russian language message Khuy Voyne! (Fuck the war!) across the front, and by blocking their faces with their hands as they kissed during a break in their performance." [15]

 · The Development Hell trope as used in popular culture. The state wherein an announced creative project becomes stuck at the preparation stage for years.

t.A.T.u. - 200 Km/H In The Wrong Lane: 10th Anniversary Editiont.A.T.u. - 200 Km/H In The Wrong Lane: 10th Anniversary Editiont.A.T.u. - 200 Km/H In The Wrong Lane: 10th Anniversary Editiont.A.T.u. - 200 Km/H In The Wrong Lane: 10th Anniversary Edition