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It’s hard to believe it’s already summer!  Here’s a quick update on where we’re at with Battleheart 2. The latest milestone is that our main menus are all complete.  They may not seem that flashy…

Allagaters begin their lives in underground rivers, found in caves and mines throughout the Forest. As the crystalline creatures grow, the minerals from the subterranean waters coat their bodies and create many layers of smooth, hard gemstone. Eventually, the rocky reptile’s body gains enough mass to swim through dirt as easily as water, and the Allagater ventures through the earth to visit other caves and underground waterways.

The band was founded in 2004 as Battleheart, a studio project by Christopher Bowes and Gavin Harper. Originally intended as a standard power metal band, the success of song "Heavy Metal Pirates" convinced the band to permanently adopt a pirate theme and incorporate folk metal elements into their music. Gavin and Christopher recorded & released two independent demos in 2006, [8] which were received well by the local metal community. [9] The band began to perform live in 2006, with a lineup consisting of Bowes (vocals and keytar ), Harper (guitar), Dani Evans ( bass guitar ) and Doug Swierczek ( drums). Doug Swierczek eventually left the band later that year and was replaced by Ian Wilson. After a period of inactivity, in late 2007 Battleheart sent their demos to Napalm Records , and the band was promptly offered a record deal.

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