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Tumult |ˈt(y)oōˌməlt| noun [usu. in sing. ] A loud, confused noise , esp. one caused by a large mass of people : a tumult of shouting and screaming broke out. Confusion or disorder.

In response to the banning of the National Guard, Cumann na nGaedheal and the National Centre Party merged to form a new party, Fine Gael , on 3 September 1933. O'Duffy became its first president, with W. T. Cosgrave and James Dillon acting as vice-presidents. The National Guard changed into the Young Ireland Association, and became part of a youth wing of the party. The party's aim was to create a corporatist United Ireland within the British Commonwealth . The 1934 local elections were a trial of strength for the new Fine Gael and the Fianna Fáil government. When Fine Gael won only six out of 23 local elections, O’Duffy lost much of his authority and prestige. The Blueshirts began to disintegrate by mid-1934. [3] The Blueshirts floundered also on the plight of farmers in the Economic War , as the Blueshirts failed to provide a solution. Following disagreements with his Fine Gael colleagues, O'Duffy left the party, although most of the Blueshirts stayed in Fine Gael. In December 1934, O'Duffy attended the Montreux Fascist conference in Switzerland. He then founded the National Corporate Party , and later raised an Irish Brigade that took General Francisco Franco 's side in the Spanish Civil War . [7]

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Amos, George; Armstrong, James; Byrne, Wm: Byrne, John; Byrne, John; Burke, John; Burke, Thomas; Burke, Wm; Burke, John; Burke, Wm; Burke, John;  Bracken, Joseph;  Bevan, Joseph;  Brady, Joseph; Boland, Christopher; Brown, Wm; Boylan, Arthur; Boylan, Edward; Brennan, Peter, John & Joseph;  Breen, Matthew; Breen, Miles; Breen, Joseph; Barnes, Michael; Barnes, Thomas; Breslin, James; Carr, Joseph; Cornese, ; Connolly, Joseph; Collins, Maurice; Collins, Michael; Carberry, Charles; Cassidy, Patrick;  Coghlan, Wm; Cooley, Patrick; Cullen Alexander; Cunningham John; Condon, Thomas; Carter, James;  Cummins, Joseph; Conroy, Edward; Connors, John; Derham, Joseph; Duke, Joseph; Duke, Thomas; Donoghue, Richard; Daly, Daniel; Doyle, James; Doyle, Patrick; Doyle, Henry; Doyle, Michael; Dunleary, Christopher;  Duff, Thomas; Dunbar, Martin; Evans, Robert; Earley, ; Farrelly, James, Finnegan, Joseph, Fox, Peter, Farrell, Denis;  Fahy, Patrick,  J;  Flynn, Frank; Fuge, Joseph; Flannigan, Thomas; Fuller, John; Flynn, John; Gahan, John; Gahan, Joseph; Gleeson, Martin;    Grogan, James; Golding, Francis; Golding, Patrick; Golding, James; Galvin, James ;Gaynor, Patrick, Geoghegan, E; Glynn, John; Gaskin, Thomas; Haskin, Michael; Halpin, Thomas;  Hastings, John; Hampton, James; Hart, Henry; Hughes, William; Hogan, Patrick; Hogan, Patrick; Hogan, William; Humphreys, James; Hanbury, P; Hynes, Thomas; Hanlon, Michael; Howley, Peter; Hinch, John; Hannigan, Thomas;  Hannigan, Francis; Keenan, Michael; Kelly, Joseph; Kelly Thomas; Kelly, Peter; Kelly, Alderman ;  Keogh, Michael; Kain, Thomas; Kirwin, Patrick; Kilkelly, Patrick; Kilkelly, Michael; Kavanagh, Patrick; Kavanagh, John, (or Michael); Kavanagh, ; Kavanah, Wm; Kinsella, Robert; Kent, Matthew;  Kenny, Moses; Lynch, John; Logue, Edward; Lyons, Charles; Leech, Stephen; Lysham, Christopher; Mathews, Thomas; Mathews, John; McGrane, Thomas;  McElvogue, Thomas; McElvogue, James, McElvogue, John; McGuirk, Patrick; McAlduff, James; Mullally, Michael; Moroney, John; Molloy, John; Murphy, Patrick; Murphy, James; Murphy, Matthew; Mannion, John; McGuire, James; Murray, Patrick;  McTaggart, Thomas; Moran, Christopher; McManus,Wm; McCann ?  McDonagh, ?  McDonald, Edward; McGill, William; Norgrove, Alfred; Nelson, Thomas; Nugent, Christopher; Nicholls, George; O’Reilly, Kevin; O’Reilly, John N;  O’Connor, Thomas; O’Brien, Joseph; O’Brien, Wm; O’Brien, James; O’Dwyer, James; O’Leary. Philip; O’Leary, Cornelius, O’Neill, John; O’Neill, Peter; O’Hehir, Michael; O’Grady, Standish; O’Rourke, Michael; O’Byrne, John; O’Maille, Patrick; O’Brien, William; Pedlar, William; Parnell, Matthew; Poole, John; Quinn, Wm; Quinn, James; Quigley, James; Roche, Thomas; Ryan, James; Ronayne, Michael; Smullen, Patrick; Sherrin, Thomas; Sexton, Michael; Sears, Wm: Sweetman, John; Smith, John; Scallon, Thomas; Sheehan, Patrick; Steinberger, Val; Taylor, Joseph; Taylor, Thomas; Taylor, Christopher; Thornton, Michael; White, Patrick; Whelan, James; Whelan, John; Whelan, Patrick; Whelan, Thomas; Ward, Patrick; Ward, Bernard; Waldron, Richard; Welsh, Thomas

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Richard Mulcahy , the new Irish defence minister , proposed to reduce the army from 55,000 to 18,000 men in the immediate post- Civil-War period. [5] Tobin knew his own position was to be affected and shared the perception that the Irish Army treated former British officers better than former IRA officers. [2] On 7 March 1924 Tobin, together with Colonel Charles Dalton , sent an ultimatum to President W. T. Cosgrave demanding an end to the army demobilisation. [6] The immediate response was an order for the arrest of the two men on a charge of mutiny. [7] The cabinet, already wary of the Irish Army , ordered an inquiry and appointed Garda Commissioner Eoin O'Duffy to the army command.

Barrett, James;  Barrett, William; Begley, Joseph; Bermingham, John; Berry, Brady, Francis; William; Blake, William J; Breslin, Patrick;  Francis; Brady, Patrick; Brennan, Laurence, Breslin, Patrick;  Brian, John; Buckley, William J;  Burke, Thomas;  Byrne, Joseph; Byrne, Vincent; Byrne, William; Carberry, James; Carney, Francis Joseph; Cassells, James, Chambers, Daniel;  Christie,  Peter; Colbert, Sean; Comerford, Andrew; Cotter, Joseph; Cotter, Richard; Cotter, Thomas, Cullen, Peter; Cunningham, James; Darcy, Patrick Leo; de Bruin, Seosamh;  Deegan, Maire; Deegan, Sean; Dolan Peter; Doyle, Patrick; Doyle, Thomas; Drumm, Thomas; Ellis, Samuel; Ennis, Christopher; Ennis, Michael; Farrell, James; Farrelly, Chistopher; Fitzpatrick, Michael; Furlong, Matthew; Gahan, Tadhg; Gleeeson, Dr P; Goulding, Charles; Goulding, James; Grattan, Richard, Gregory, John; Hunter Thomas; Joyce, John; Joyce, Joseph James; Kavanagh, Daniel; Kealy, Sara; Kearns, Frank; Kearns, Tom; Kearns, John; Kearns, Joseph; Kelly, Henry; Kelly, John E; Kenny, James; Keogh, Thomas; King, Sean; Lake, John Watson; Lane (nee McCarthy), Kathleen; Lane, Edward; Lanigan, Patrick; Lawless, M; Long, Patrick;  Losty, Thomas; Love, Michael; Lynch, Sean; Lynch, William; Lyons, Edward; MacDaibhis, Risteard; MacDonagh, John; McMahon, Bernard; Magee, Teresa; Maher, William; Manning, Patrick; McBride, John; McDermott, Owen; McDonagh, Thomas; McDonnell, Matthew; McDonnell, Patrick; McEvoy, Patrick; McGlure, John; McGrane, Thomas; Owen; Meldon, John; Meldon, Thomas; Mhic Aodha, Saoirse; Molloy, Richard; Moran, Patrick; Mullen, Martin; Murphy, John J; NicSiublaigh, Maire; Nolan, Patrick; O Casaigh, Seamus; O Cahill, Art; O Cathalain, Padraigh; O Ceallaigh, Seosamh S; O Cearnaigh, Peadar; O Cortain, Michael; O hAodh, Michael; O hAodh, Seamus, O Maoilfinn, Seamus; O Murain, Seamus; O Riordan, Domhnaill; 0 Beolain, Gearoid; O’Byrne, Patrick; O’Carroll, James; O’Carroll, James; O’Carroll, Richard; O Ceallachain, Sean; O’Connell, Patrick; O’Donnell, Christopher; O’Donnell, James; O’Grady, John, O’Hagan, Annie; O’Hagan, Hugh; O’Hanarahan O’Reilly, Lily; O’Hanrahan, Edward;  O’Hanarahan, Henry; O’Hanrahan, Joseph; O’Hanrahan, Michael; O’Malley, Christopher; O’Neill,  Cecilia (nee Conroy); O’Reilly, Patrick; O’Reilly, Thomas; O’Rorke, Frederick; O’Rourke, John; O’Rourke, Michael; 

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Michael O'Duffy And The Reapers - WelcomeMichael O'Duffy And The Reapers - WelcomeMichael O'Duffy And The Reapers - WelcomeMichael O'Duffy And The Reapers - Welcome