Slippery people feat. adeva wish i never knew

What’s fascinating about all this is Rey is being tested by Snoke, when she’s said to spend most of her time with Luke Skywalker. Though Lucasfilm could be throwing some misleads our way, the trailer suggested the elder Jedi refuses to train Rey in the ways of the Force (out of fear for repeating his mistakes), which leads Rey to seek out guidance from someone else. An alliance with Kylo Ren could be in order, but perhaps the Supreme Leader’s curiosity in Rey is enough to draw her to the dark side. Fortunately, all will be revealed soon.

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This entire episode was beyond cringeworthy and horribly insulting. I am a suburban white girl myself and I can only imagine just how insulting it would have been for a person of color, especially a woman of color, to hear this. I turned my radio off after having to listen to two white guys chortling about the artistic choices of a black woman and her many fans. Beyond awful. I'm never listening to RadioLab again.

At the moment, Gadot’s Wonder Woman is the only female superhero in the shared universe (the cast of Suicide Squad are either villains or anti-heroes), and although there are plans to introduce more women superheroes, Justice League 2 should expand the team’s lineup accordingly.

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"It was triple security to get into the hotel in Kabul - it's where the journalists stay," he says. "My girlfriend took photos as we went through. The security went bananas."

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Slippery People Feat. Adeva Wish I Never KnewSlippery People Feat. Adeva Wish I Never KnewSlippery People Feat. Adeva Wish I Never KnewSlippery People Feat. Adeva Wish I Never Knew