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When historians gather round in decades to come and pore over the minutiae of this one, no doubt they will muse that the match was won in the more advanced plots of earth, but we at AANP Towers are nothing if not reasonable folk, and thus it is only right to pay due homage to the efforts of Davison Sanchez at the back.

The Hurd Agency has provided talent for numerous music videos, commercials, films, television, and runway fashion shows. Their talent have appeared in projects for Reebok, Ford, Bank of America, State Farm, K-Mart, Nexium, and Dr. Pepper. Film credits include The Green Mile , Country Strong , and The Hannah Montana Movie , in addition to the hit ABC drama series, Nashville . Terrance also booked PTD alum, Wes Bayer, in a Maddie & Tae country music video.

The move severed relationships among longtime ticket holders and priced out the old guard of fans who haven’t yet accepted that watching an NFL game on the couch is much more enjoyable than it is in person and, in conjunction with the proximity to the new-monied Silicon Valley oligarchy, it drove home who NFL games are for now.

She's known for her bold fashion choices. But on Sunday, Bella Thorne was spotted dressed down in baggy sweats with a long sleeved T-shirt.

Visage Shameless FashionVisage Shameless FashionVisage Shameless FashionVisage Shameless Fashion