Michoacan dancefloor destruction

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Leader Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, alias “ El Chayo ” or “El Mas Loco,” was reported killed in a shootout with police in December 2010 in Apatzingan, Michoacan. In January 2011, following the alleged death of the leader, the Familia announced its intention to “ completely dissolve .” It declared (in the group’s typical pious tone) that it sought to end the suffering of the people of Michoacan at the hands of the Federal Police.

On 16 Julie 2009, Servando Gómez Martínez ( La Tuta ), the cartel operations chief, contactit a local radio station an statit: "La Familia wis creatit tae leuk efter the interests o oor fowk an oor faimily. We are a necessary evil," an when asked what La Familia really wantit, Gómez repleed, "The anerlie thing we want is peace an tranquility." President Felipe Calderón 's government refuses to strike a deal with the cartel and rejected their calls for dialogue. [33] [34]

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Mexican officials admit the violence is the result of their own success in beheading the nation's drug cartels. "Their heads have been deactivated and put in a jar," Vasconcelos boasted in an interview. But these figurative capitations have sparked an internecine war for control of the lucrative Mexican drug trade.

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Michoacan Dancefloor DestructionMichoacan Dancefloor DestructionMichoacan Dancefloor DestructionMichoacan Dancefloor Destruction