Paint fumes - sally smoked dope

Tech services recommended using BIN and then repainting, but it sounds from several other experiences here that didn’t help. Since the bedroom has a cathedral ceiling, it’s a tough job and I’m reluctant to spend the time and effort putting on a coat of primer and then repainting, probably 2 coats, if it’s not going to solve the problem. I shudder to think what it might cost to replace the drywall!

Paint thinner and similar solvents can contaminate groundwater or cause a fire if thrown in the household trash. Most jurisdictions classify them as hazardous substances, and require residents to dispose of them safely and carefully to protect the environment and themselves.

How to Spray Paint Countertops ... It’s only been about a week since I sprayed it, but I did a bunch of drywall work above it and was able to scrub off all the dust ...

Some of the older pieces of furniture I’ve received have had tops made of something similar to formica (maybe it is formica? I don’t know.)

Cretestone is a Gyproc product: http:// and I would recommend that you get in touch with them to see if they can refer you to a qualified installer. There are plenty of ‘fly-by-night’ installers out there who end up leaving you with lots of problems, so always a good idea to use someone recommended.

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Paint Fumes - Sally Smoked DopePaint Fumes - Sally Smoked DopePaint Fumes - Sally Smoked DopePaint Fumes - Sally Smoked Dope