Ion - defenders

bad green and high point cost is the down side ... I have played lists a few times and had a lot of fun but its not as competitive/durable as the x7 in the end game

Fighter squadrons were carried onboard in a series of hangar bays. Most cruisers carried the standard complement of four squadrons. Some MC80B cruisers and later designs could be refitted to carry as many as eight.

  Bar •   Ore •   Oil lantern frame •   Cooking spit •   Nails •   Arrowtips •   Javelin heads •   Dart tips •   Unfinished bolts   Broken axe •   Broken pickaxe

When he recovered, Mortarion swore fealty to the stranger, who revealed himself to be Mortarion's father, the Emperor of Mankind. The Emperor granted Mortarion command of the XIV Space Marine Legion, then known as the Dusk Raiders, who quickly adopted the name and dogma of Mortarion's Death Guard. However, The Emperor's slaying of his adoptive father proved to become a grudge Mortarion long held against him.

Our country has too much violence and too many ways people can get hurt or even worse. Religious venues and schools are on high alert as targets. You want to be able to protect students and congregants from violence. Defender One Security meets these needs by offering on site property security guards to protect congregants and students. We offer services such as access control, visitor control, & traffic control. We employee Active and Retired Law Enforcement Professionals as well as Licensed Security Guards. Examples of Institutional and Educational Protections:

  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Schools

We managed to smuggle cans because we basically needed beer to survive the event (that and most of our team was at 1 or more defeat at the end of round 2...).

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OMCT and the Observatory have significantly contributed to the creation of a mandate for the protection of human rights defenders within the United Nations framework, as well as to the inclusion of this issue on the agenda of major regional organisations (African Commission, Inter-American Commission, OSCE, European Union, Council of Europe, etc.). Raising the awareness of political decision-makers and of public opinion has also been one of the main objectives of the work accomplished to date.

Ion - DefendersIon - DefendersIon - DefendersIon - Defenders