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Leaving behind careers in environmental advocacy and the traffic of The Beltway, Eric and Laura Sorkin left Washington . to move to Vermont and start an organic vegetable farm. They began producing maple syrup from the 1,000 acres of forest behind their house. This led to a line of infused, barrel-aged, and smoked syrups all made on site at their sugarhouse. Laura has a degree from the French Culinary Institute and has developed recipes using their syrups for desserts, cocktails, and savory dishes. Staying true to their roots, the Sorkins not only certified their operation as organic, but they are also one of the first maple operations to be certified as bird-friendly by the National Audubon Society.

Oooh, I’ve been looking forward to this one since I saw the logos for Summer Sampler! Looks like a great tute, Kate, I can’t wait to give it a whirl

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These are approximate values only, it will be up to you to determine if they are what you need for what you are trying to measure, again a scale is the best way to determine if they are measuring out the amount you need.
 G15 Red Microscoops Pack of 5 $  G16 Blue Microscoops Pack of 5 $  G17 Yellow Microscoops Pack of 5 $ D06RB09 Polypropylene Scoop Bath Scoop; 15 cc (15 ml), inch, grams, .507 oz. made from durable Polypropylene, percect for small mixes, economical. Shape may vary slightly.   $ per case of 10 scoops.   $ per case of 100 scoops. Flat Bottom Aluminum Scoops We prefer these scoops for handling herbs, spices and crafting materials as the scoops will lay flat where you set them and are easy to fill even from small containers. And they seem to last forever.  G41 1 ounce scoop " overall lenght with 1 oz Capacity. $ each  G42 2 ounce scoop " overall lenght with 2 oz Capacity. $ each  G43 4 ounce scoop 8" overall lenght with 4 oz Capacity. $ each  G44 7 ounce scoop " overall lenght with 7 oz Capacity. $ each  CRB033 16 ounce scoop 12" overall lenght with 16 oz Capacity. $ each  CRB034 24 ounce scoop 14" overall lenght with 24 oz Capacity. Makes nice scoop for ice, dog food, cat litter and large measuring $ each Return to Rachel's Main Page

After designing and sewing my Neon Sampler I’ve noticed that quilt math in general is coming much more easily to me! I’m doing the Gypsy Wife Quilt Along and I love the added confidence that comes with understanding how everything is going to fit together in the end.

Make a statement with bright colors and bold patterns this fall. With a killer confidence like yours there’s almost no look you can’t pull off – so go ahead and try that cute and sexy romper on for size. Read More

Rachel - Rachel Sampler Vol.1Rachel - Rachel Sampler Vol.1Rachel - Rachel Sampler Vol.1Rachel - Rachel Sampler Vol.1